Some Dental Myths Debunked

dental myths debunked

Today we’re looking at some of the most obscure dental myths we’ve heard of and we’re debunking them!

Growing up, your parents or friends might have told you about some dental myths, or you’ve maybe seen them floating around on social media in a viral listicle. Chances are

For Every child a woman has, she will lose the same amount of teeth. 

This is very much an old wives’ tale! While pregnant woman can experience changes in their oral health during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalances, it is completely untrue that women’s teeth will fall out based on the number of pregnancies they’ve had. At most, a pregnant lady will experience mild gum disease or heightened tooth sensitivity, but certainly no tooth loss!

dental myths debunked

The more you brush your teeth, the better your dental health.

Again, a myth. With brushing, it is not so much about the frequency but more about the method, duration and the tools you use. Someone who brushes 5 times a day won’t necessarily have better dental health than someone who brushes twice a day. If you are brushing every surface of every tooth, using a fluoride toothpaste with a suitable toothbrush for two minutes twice a day, you’re going in the right direction. Over-brushing can be harmful.

Teeth Whitening can severely damage teeth. 

Nope! Not true! If carried out by a qualified dentist with the correct equipment and solutions, teeth whitening is completely safe. At home dental whitening kits and whitening concoctions made from household cupboard staples do however come with risks and should be avoided at all costs.

whitening teeth myth

Brushing your teeth before your dental appointment will mask poor oral hygiene.

False. A good brush for two minutes before an appointment with the dentist won’t change anything. Your dentist certainly isn’t stupid, but you might be if you think you can fool them into thinking that your dental hygiene routine is thorough and consistent! Dentists are able to spot poor dental hygiene really easily, not just from teeth but from the gums and tongue too. Four minutes out of your day isn’t too much to ask for – stay on top of your oral care and your trips to the dentist won’t be so daunting!

tooth brushing myth

No pain means you don’t have to visit the dentist.

This is perhaps the worst out of all the myths! Just because you feel no pain in your teeth or gums doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make an appointment to see your dentist. Regular check-ups are crucial to ensure that your teeth are growing and developing properly and while you might not have pain right now, your dentist might be able to spot a problem that could cause you problems down the line.


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