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Dental Emergencies During Christmas Time

It’s Christmas! We hope you’ll be finishing up work soon to enjoy the festivities. Your dental practice is likely to be closed over the holidays – dentists need a holiday too! But what should you do if you have a dental emergency over the Christmas holidays? You Don’t Need to Suffer! If you do have…

Is it difficult to find a dentist?

NHS Dentistry is collapsing.

Find a dentist in your area! Only one third of adults have seen a dentist since the start of COVID. This is largely due to a massive backlog at clinics across the country. Many NHS dental clinics are no longer seeing non-registered patients, even in an emergency. The problem is set to get even bigger!…

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Are you worried about bad breath?

Worried about bad breath?


Bad Breath in Children

Bad breath will affect everyone at some point in their life – even in childhood. Bad breath is most common after eating certain foods such garlic and onion, it may appear after drinking of if you’re taking certain medications. Bad breath in children. If you’ve noticed that your child’s breath is not so pleasant, don’t…

prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

We all know that prevention is better than cure. In the strange and ‘unprecedented’ times we are currently living in, it means so much more. We are all practising prevention by doing our best to slow and eventually stop the spread of Covid-19, or Coronavirus. However, we should be mindful of the same mantra with…


Diets and their affect on your teeth

Did you know that some diets can affect your teeth? Post lockdown has made most of us think about dieting. But is this having a negative impact on our teeth? What you might not realise about dieting is that it can have quite the impact on your teeth, and not the good kind. How can diets…


Five Fantastic Foods For Healthy Gums

As well as our teeth, we need to look after our gums If we neglect our gums, they can become, sore, irritated and even infected (nasty, we know!). That’s why we need to care for our teeth as well as our gums. It’s actually pretty easy! One of the easiest ways to take care of…


Are We Subconsciously Damaging Our Teeth?

Could we be subconsciously damaging our teeth? If we are brushing our teeth twice daily, visiting the dentist regularly, surely our teeth must be fine? We wish that was the case! We might have a really good dental hygiene routine, but there are plenty of things we do unconsciously every single day that are seriously…


Halloween Treats That Won’t Harm Kid’s Teeth!

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s that time of year again where the supermarket shelves fill up with sweet treats and kids go crazy from all of the sugary sweets. While giving kids treats in moderation is fine, at Halloween, things can get a bit out of hand!   Why not also try and incorporate…


Do you have pain from your braces?

Braces are one of the best ways of effectively straightening teeth. However, pain from your braces can be hard to deal with. Are you struggling with painful braces? It’s very common now for young adults to experience having braces. They are available at no cost to under-18s through the NHS. The most common complaint of…


Have you neglected your teeth?

Many people neglect their teeth. Have you neglected your teeth because you are afraid of the dentist? Maybe you think that the neglect is so far gone that no dentist could ever help you. This is not true. A dentist can restore your neglected teeth. Oh yes, and they will not be the worst the…


Is Tea Staining Your Teeth More Than Red Wine & Coffee?

Yes – Tea is the biggest culprit of staining your teeth! Even more than red wine and coffee believe it or not. Unless you’ve had cosmetic whitening treatments, there’s a very high chance your teeth aren’t sparkling white (If they are though, let us know how you managed that!). It would seem that every week,…