What You Should Know About Getting Braces

If your child, teen or you are due to get braces, or aren’t quite sure about getting braces, don’t worry!

what to know about getting braces

While getting braces fitted can be quite a daunting process, it’s hard to ignore the amazing results that can come from them.

Many kids and teens have braces, it’s not unusual and in some cases, there are actually more kids with braces than without. Last year, over 72,000 children and almost 130,000 teenagers 13-17 began orthodontic treatment. The ideal age to have braces fitted is around 12-13 years old as this is a period of time where the mouth develops quickly. It is more beneficial to get braces fitted at a younger age as leaving it to adulthood could lessen the effectiveness. If you have a younger relative, why not chat to then about getting braces!

Braces can be fitted to fix a multitude of oral health problems.

They can also work correctively to help patients bite correctly, eat comfortably and to straighten a crooked smile. Braces will close gaps between teeth and realign crowded or protruding teeth.

what to know about getting braces

Normally, the standard metal braces are fitted but there are options to have removable braces or ‘invisible’ braces such as Invisalign. Discuss about getting braces with your dentist, they will be able to point you in the right direction regarding this.

Treatment duration depends upon each individual patient. Normally, patients have their braces fitted for 16-24 months but your dentist will be able to give you a better indication on the duration of your treatment.

In the beginning, you may experience discomfort or slight pain from your braces.

This is completely natural. Your teeth are not used to wearing the brace and your mouth has to learn to adjust. It may be beneficial to keep a small diary of what causes pain or discomfort, when it occurs and what helps you to overcome the pain.

After a few months, results will start to show, discomfort will subside and your improved dental hygiene routine will be second nature. With braces, you should make regular appointments to see your orthodontist. These appointments should take place roughly every 4-6 weeks.

what to know about getting braces

Should you encounter any problems with your brace such as continued discomfort, slackness or a break in the brace, get in touch with your orthodontist to make an appointment to get it checked out.

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