Alcohol: How Is It Affecting Your Teeth?

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It’s party time!

The festive season is well under-way! It’s a time full of parties, fancy meals, cosy nights in and celebrations with friends and family. More often than not, they all include an alcoholic drink or two (or 10!).

While moderate alcohol consumption can be part of a healthy lifestyle, alcohol isn’t generally considered healthy, especially in the volumes that we consume around this time of year!

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No matter what your tipple is, your teeth will take a kicking!

Acidity, dark staining colours and sugar are the three biggest culprits in alcoholic drinks when it comes to harming our teeth.

We all know how bad red wine is when it comes to staining our teeth. But whisky and dark ales and rums can also cause a dark staining film to form on our teeth. But sugar filled alcoholic drinks such as Prosecco and alco-pops can cause erosion on the enamel of our teeth.


Switch up your sugar intake!

Those of you who like to mix your drinks with sugar mixers such as Lemonade and Coca-cola may want to opt for sugar free options instead! Every little change can make a big difference to your teeth in the long-run!

People who binge on alcohol are three times more likely to develop plaque on their teeth and if this isn’t taken care of, teeth can become decayed and in a worst case scenario, need to be removed!

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So during this festive season if you’re indulging in some alcoholic drinks, remember to:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with flouride toothpaste for AT LEAST two minutes!
  • Floss twice a day. If you don’t floss, you’re missing 35% of the tooth’s surface.
  • Drink alcoholic drinks through a straw wherever possible!
  • Make a conscious effort to minimise the levels of sugar you’re consuming (we know its hard!)
  • In the new year, plan a visit to your dentist!

It may be an idea to give thought to participating in something like Dry January. Dry January puts party-goers through their paces by challenging them not to consume any alcohol WHATSOEVER in the month of January. Not only does this have brilliant benefits for your overall health, but it will also give your teeth a chance to recover from the festive season, too!

Enjoy the celebrations!

No matter how you are celebrating this Christmas, we hope you all have a brilliant time. Whether you’re having a quiet Christmas, or hosting the whole family, enjoy yourself! And remember – everything in moderation!

If you have a dental emergency during the holidays, check out this blog post where you can find out what to do and who to call!

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