BulkEZ Will Make a Huge Impact on How You Work

BulkEZ is a game changing filling material

A NEW filling material that dramatically changes the way you work. With unlimited cure depth, no leakage and fast setting without light curing; it really is in a class of its own. The easiest ever way to fill teeth.

Designed for direct restorations, it combines excellent flowable cavity adaptation with high strength and wear resistance – all in one simple step. Its unique self-cure IntelliTek™ technology is designed to specifically control and direct shrinkage while virtually eliminating the risk of interproximal microleakage. With no layering or light-curing, no matter how deep the cavity, BulkEZ completes the process in as quickly as 90 seconds, saving you up to 5 mins per procedure!

Containing nano-fillers and highly radiopaque fillers, BulkEZ starts as a flowable and once fully cured, will have similar physical properties as traditional light cure composites. With a high radiopacity of 320% Al – it is easily visible on a radiograph. Combine this with its superb polishability and the fact it is compatible with all bonding agents, developed by Danville’s brilliant chemists, it really is a game-changer in the world of restoratives.

Why use anything else? To see it in action, or to buy BulkEZ visit www.bulkez.co.uk today.

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