Can The Winter Months Affect My Oral Health?

Did you know that your oral health is more likely to worsen during the winter months?

New research has shown that your oral health is more likely to worsen in the winter months, due to a number of factors. In this blog post, we look at the reasons why your oral health is likely to suffer in the colder months, and what you can do to prevent the possible problems that may arise in your oral health during the winter months.

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Why is my oral health more at risk during the winter?

There isn’t just one factor that will affect your oral health during the winter, there are many different factors that will affect your oral health during the colder months, some obvious, others not so obvious. Firstly, we’re going to look at arguably the most obvious factors that will affect your oral health during the winter – the weather.

How can the weather affect my teeth?

Surprisingly, the weather can affect your teeth in many ways! During the winter, there is a severe drop in temperature, that us Brits are a bit too familiar with! While we might feel it chilly when it’s cold outside, we never think about how the temperature affects our teeth.

Cold weather can cause increased sensitivity in teeth – even for those who don’t regularly suffer with sensitivity. When teeth become too sensitive, it can make eating, drinking and even talking challenging.  The cold weather can also cause you to clench your jaw and grind your teeth. This is because this is a natural reaction to feeling cold. The body does this to try and warm up in really cold temperatures.

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How else can the winter months affect my oral health?

On top of the cold weather, what else are the winter months full of? Chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps and alcohol. From around the time of  Halloween, it would seem that the influx of sweet treats doesn’t stop. Office parties, nights out, chocolates and biscuits everywhere, binging on alcohol.

We all love a treat now and then, but during the festive season, our teeth take a right hammering! We never really think about it, after all, what damage can a few (boxes of) chocolates and some (bottles of) Prosecco do?!

We’re not saying don’t enjoy the treats that come along at this time of year. We know we’re certainly going to be indulging! We’re just saying to make sure you pay extra attention to your at home oral care routine to make sure you can still indulge in all the festive goodies without harming your teeth.

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Preventing any problems.

Make sure you’re taking good care of your teeth. Brush for two minutes twice a day – at least! Floss regularly, too! This is the absolute minimum that you should be doing to take care of your teeth at home. If you’re due a check up, or would have any concerns about your oral health, speak to your dentist. The colder months are arguably the busiest of the year. Halloween, bonfire night, school nativities, work nights out, family parties, catching up with old friends, working extra shifts, doing all the shopping, keeping the kids entertained. It’s a busy old time.  Make sure you have the contact details of your dentist saved in your phone in case of emergency.

Finding a dentist.

If you’re not currently registered with a dentist, you can find one on our website. Visit and search your location. Then browse the dental practices near you. Read reviews from previous patients and find out what treatments are on offer. Then, once you have found your perfect dentist, get in touch with them using the details provided.