Caring for Kids’ Teeth

We wanted to share some top tips for keeping your kids’ teeth healthy!

The more you teach a child to take care of their teeth from a young age, the less likely they are to encounter problems with their teeth as they reach their teens and progress through adulthood.

Take your child to the dentist as soon as their first milk teeth show.

Ensuring that your child visits the dentist as soon as their first teeth shows is crucial, not only so that the dentist can examine their mouth, but so that your child can become familiar in a different environment. Children are often apprehensive about visiting the dentist so the sooner they become used to sitting in the big chair, the better.

Make brushing fun.

Alongside visiting the dentist, ensuring your child has a brilliant oral health routine at home is really important. A minimum of two minutes brushing, twice a day is recommended. Some young children really don’t enjoy getting their teeth brushed but it can be made in to a fun task! Perhaps buying a toothbrush with your child’s favourite character could help? Or maybe even playing some of these brilliant brushing songs we found – some of them last two minutes exactly! You can also get great advice on which toothbrush is best for your kids on our sister website.

Limit the amount of sugary foods and drinks you give your child.

This can be a tricky one as sweet foods are something that children tend to ask for on an all too frequent basis! It’s no secret that we all love a sweet treat and in moderation, this is totally fine. Eating excessive amounts of sugary foods regularly can wreak havoc on kids’ teeth, especially milk teeth. Here are some great ideas for healthy snacks to give your kids instead. Try to only give your kids sugary snacks and drinks as occasional treats – perhaps on the weekends- rather than on a daily basis and ensure they are brushing their teeth well afterwards!

If your child is ill, ask your doctor/pharmacist for a sugar free medicine.

While this is not always possible, it can make a difference to your kids’ teeth. Speak to your doctor about your child’s prescription and ask if a sugar free alternative is available to you. This is not crucial on a short course of medication but if your child is on long-term medication, it would be something to consider. Some over the counter medications such as cough bottles and ibuprofen offer sugar free options. Speak to your pharmacist and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

If you’re looking to register your child with a dentist, look no further! We’re able to help you find the right dentist in your area. Head over to our website, and search for your location, select ‘child-friendly’ in the checklist on the left and browse your options! Read through previous patient’s reviews, have a look at the practices and at what type of treatments that they can offer to you. Finding your perfect dental practice has never been easier.

Author: Leigh McLintock

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