Dental Emergency


Stop going to your GP with dental problems

Dentists don’t study for 5 years and practice for years upon years for patients to phone a GP when their teeth and gums get sore.  More and more Brits are making a beeline for their GP when they encounter problems with their teeth instead of calling a dentist, but why? Today on the blog, we…


What exactly is a dental emergency?

What is a dental emergency? Getting scheduled appointments with your dentist can take time. Getting an emergency appointment at inconvenient times can be a struggle. That alone can make dental issues feel more urgent. Deciding what truly constitutes as a dental emergency can be difficult. Who provides emergency dental appointments? Many dental practices offer a…

Dental Emergency Kit

What should you have in your Emergency Dental Kit?

What if you have a dental emergency? When you we have a dental problem, or pain, most of us will instinctively reach for the phone to call our dentist. In normal circumstances this is absolutely the right thing to do. During this current Covid-19 pandemic, dental practices are closed. This means that it is good…