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Embarrassed about your teeth?

Embarrassment is a common concern for people with dental anxiety, fear or phobia, many of whom haven’t seen a dentist for many years. In this short clip Dr Mike Gow explains that dentists who understand dental anxiety will not judge or lecture you. They will listen to what your goals are, reassure you about your…

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How to keep your toothbrush clean

Keeping your toothbrush clean can seem like a simple task… Your toothbrush should always be kept clean. You may think that storing it in the cupboard is the best place for it. You may also think there’s no harm in sharing it with your partner. There’s a lot that goes into keeping your toothbrush clean.…

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Your appointment with the dental hygienist

Why your hygiene appointments are as important as dental check ups guest blog by hayley irons We all know that we should attend for a dental check-up. Normally this is as regularly as every six months. This helps your dentist to keep a close eye on your oral health and spot any changes early before…