snoring and what causes it

Snoring: Different Types and What Causes It

Snoring is common. As many as one in four people snore regularly. While anyone can experience it, it’s more prevalent in adult males aged between 40 and 60. Why do people snore? You may think that it is a regular mundane thing. However, there are a few different types and causes of snoring. Snoring comes…

devices that stop snoring

Devices That Stop Snoring: What’s Right for You?

Snoring can be a nightmare, not only for the person who snores, but whoever shares their bed. We’re sure many an argument have been started over snoring in relationships. So, lets try and put a stop to it and discuss devices that stop snoring in its tracks. Treatments for snoring can be either surgical or…

what causes dry mouth

What Causes Dry Mouth?

We’ve all experienced dry mouth at some point in our lives, but what causes it? We don’t mean dry mouth in the sense that you’ve woken up with a hangover or an illness. What we mean is chronic dry mouth. Frequent dry mouth can be a sign of underlying health issues and we want you…