Celebrities With Braces

There have been more celebrities with braces than you might think.

For kids, teenagers and even some adults, the prospect of having braces can be quite daunting. Maybe they feel self-conscious about smiling or eating, or they may even feel like the odd one out but it can be reassuring to know that just about anyone can get braces. Even some of our favourite celebrities.

celebrities with braces

Khloe Kardashian

From donning braces down the red carpet to collect Grammys and Oscars, to singing on stage and in music videos with braces on full show, celebrities with braces aren’t that uncommon.

When we think of celebrities with braces, we think of the young Kendall Jenner or Emma Watson, Justin Bieber or Harry Styles when they were just starting out in their entertainment careers. Now all with beautiful white smiles, we definitely think it was worth it and we bet that they do too!

It’s not just teenage celebrities that have braces. Many older actors, actresses and singers and getting braces fitted for corrective treatment.

Recently in 2013, Khloe Kardashian opted for adult braces.

Constantly in the public eye, Khloe was desperate to perfect her pearly whites. While her smile wasn’t necessarily crooked, she wanted to slightly alter the positioning of her teeth. Unlike Nicholas Cage, she opted for a series of the less noticeable Invisalign braces in order to adjust her smile.

celebrities with braces

Nicholas Cage

Back in 2003, well-loved actor Nicholas Cage went to his dentist for braces at age 39. He was suffering from problems with his lower teeth and decided that braces would be the best solution. Cage opted for the classic silver train track brace that many of us have had in our teens. He got them fitted in his break between filming movies so that they would not be noticeable in films, affect his speech or change his appearance in the roles he was cast for.

Faith Hill, American country music superstar, got braces at age 45. Her reasoning? She never wore her retainer when she got braces for the first time in her teenage years. Not wearing her retainer meant that her teeth naturally altered their positioning in her mouth leaving her needing a second fitting of braces. She definitely won’t forget to wear her retainer this time round!

celebrities with braces

Faith Hill

You’re definitely never too old to change your smile.

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