Coffee That Can Whiten Your Teeth?

It’s a well known fact that coffee and teas aren’t the best for your teeth.

Their dark colour can stain your enamel and darken your smile, making your teeth appear yellow. However, many people are claiming that you can now drink a certain coffee that will help to whiten and brighten your teeth – but what’s in it?


We know – we’re not that convinced either. Charcoal has been a popular medicinal and home remedy for many years.  In the past few years, this grey/black substance has soared in popularity. We’ve seen charcoal added to skincare to purify skin and release toxins from pores. We’ve seen it added to water and smoothies to help cleanse your gut, to hair-masks to improve hair growth. Then came the charcoal whitening powders and toothpastes and the subsequent black stained bathroom sinks!

Now, people are saying that drinking charcoal lattes can help your teeth appear whiter and brighter – but can this really be true?

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This gives a whole new meaning to ‘black coffee’.

We seen many a Facebook and Instagram post of these black, activated whitening powders and although they might seem to make your smile look whiter, the effects are minimal. These tooth powders are often a gimmick. Teeth whitening by a professional dentist is the only teeth whitening treatment that is likely to have visible and lasting effects. So if the powder doesn’t work when brushing it straight on to your teeth, how likely is it to work in something as small as cup of coffee? Extremely unlikely.

This gives a whole new meaning to black coffee, and we’re not sure we’d trade our normal flat whites for a flat black any time soon. It might look nice on your Instagram feed, but you just can’t beat a good cup of coffee.

charcoal, teeth whitening, charcoal teeth whitening, smile, white teeth

Effective Teeth whitening?

If you’re thinking about teeth whitening, you should speak to your dentist to see what treatments they have available. They may be able to perform in practice whitening, or may be able to give you a safe at home treatment. The at home treatments dentists provide have stronger whitening solutions than those available in stores. Beauty salons, hair dressers and tanning salons cannot legally provide you with safe and effective teeth whitening. charcoal, teeth whitening, charcoal teeth whitening, smile, white teeth

Need to find a dentist?

If you need to find a dentist, you can do so on our website, On our website we have thousands of UK dentists that are ready and waiting to treat you. Simply search your location to get started. Then, from the checklist on the left, select ‘teeth whitening’. From there, all you need to do is browse the practices and pick the one that suits you best!

Have you tried one of these charcoal coffee drinks? What did  you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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