Children Urged To Take Good Care of Their Teeth.

Children in the UK have access to free dental care on the NHS.

Ensuring that children attend dental appointments from a young age is crucial to ensure that they develop good dental habits from a young age. If a child pays good attention to their teeth and gums when they are young, they can prevent a whole host of dental issues in their adult life.


Children with poor oral health will not only suffer physically.

Having poor oral health as a child can affect a child emotionally and socially. Children who don’t look after their teeth will smile less and are likely to smile, struggle to eat and may struggle to socialise if they fear they will be picked on or bullied because of their teeth. Encouraging your child to have a good dental routine from a young age is extremely important so that they do not suffer emotionally or physically. While going to the dentist isn’t always fun, it is better to start them young!

Babies can go to the dentist too!

The younger you take your child to the dentist, the earlier they will build a relationship with their dentist and build up a trust with their dentist. A child’s first dentist appointment should take place between 6 months – 1 year, when the child’s first teeth are growing in. Even if they only have a couple of teeth, it is still important for a dentist to take a look and ensure there are no problems.

After the initial appointment as a baby, an effort should be made to have a check-up appointment every 6 months. Of course along the way, it may be necessary to have the odd appointment for treatment.

Practice good oral hygiene at home.

Alongside visiting the dentist, a child should have a great at-home dental care routine. Using the appropriate toothbrush with appropriate toothpaste is imperative to keep any major problems at bay. Young children may use ‘milk-teeth’ toothpaste and soft bristle brushes. As children grow and their mouths change and they will need to change to different toothpastes and adult brushes. Your dentist will be able to suggest when your child should make this change.


We can help you!

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