COVID-19 – Contingency Planning

Are we about to go into a second lockdown?


We are surrounded by uncertainty at the moment with questions left hanging in the air. Will we be facing another lockdown before Christmas? Will there be procedural changes as a result of escalating number announced daily?

Our primary focus is on helping you maintain a level of communication with your patients, no matter what is thrown at us over the coming weeks. Here’s where we can best help you:

  • A patient could contact you with an emergency request, perhaps a filling has fallen out, then you could send them a basket from YourDentistRecommends (your clinic’s branding) for Toofypegs temporary filling.
  • If a regular patient wants OraNurse toothpaste that they always buy from you, but you are not open, then send them a basket from YourDentistRecommends (your clinic’s branding) with the toothpaste. They purchase, we deliver and your patient is kept happy.
  • A patient contacts the clinic with sensitivity issues and you can’t book them in immediately, send a toothpaste and mouthwash basket from our range of products available. Again, we will get this to them within a day or two.
  • A patient is halfway through a treatment and is experiencing pain caused by inflammation. We have a range of mouthwashes and gels that will offer them comfort until you are able to see them.

Find out more and sign up here:


  • A new patient is looking for a dentist and they land on the UK’s leading clinic directory, Is your page attractive enough to entice them to visit you?
  • Your patients are wondering if you are open or not. Not all of them are on Facebook to read your Covid Announcements. Post your updates on your page on DefactoDentists and keep them aware of how you are operating.
  • A patient needs a virtual consultation but is unaware of which clinics offer this. They visit and are able to book an appointment with you, or other clinics in your area.

Register or update your clinic details here:


These examples are a few of many issues that our platforms resolve. As part of your contingency planning, please make full use of these facilities. It doesn’t cost you anything. Indeed, you could be earning a handsome secondary income from them.

We are here to help the profession during these unpredictable times. Have a look at our platforms and let us know how we can offer our support.

With our very best wishes,

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