Dental Health in Deprived Areas: A Vicious Cycle

Tooth Decay is the top reason why children in the UK are admitted to hospital.

Completely preventable, kids are filling up hospital beds up and down the country because of their poor oral health. Sadly, this is more prevalent in less affluent areas. People from deprived areas are twice as likely to end up in hospital as a result of dental problems.

In a recent Report from Nuffield Trust, it was shown that dental health in the South East areas of the UK is significantly better than the dental health of those in the North East.

Parents need to lead by example.

The study shows that this problem doesn’t just run in children, adults in less affluent areas suffer from poor dental health too. Unfortunately, parents who are not leading by example, demonstrating good dental health to their kids, means that kids are picking up on these bad habits too.

Lifestyle plays a big diet in our overall oral health. High sugar consumption and smoking both have a negative impact on oral health – both of these are often associated with deprivation. Rising costs of fresh, healthy and organic foods are forcing those who are less fortunate to opt for high-calorie and less expensivealternatives. The result? Poorer dental health.

For some families, money can be so tight that they cannot afford to spend money on expensive personal health essentials, meaning toiletries and dental care necessities are often last thoughts.


A vicious cycle…

If a child or adult encounters problems with their teeth due to poor dental health, this can cause them to have to take time out of school, college or work which can have further detrimental effects. It truly is a vicious cycle but it can be tackled.

As we always say, prevention is better than cure. Brushing at home twice a day alongside regular daily flossing can really keep any dental problems at bay. If you have children, manifest a brilliant and thorough dental health routine in them from a very young age. The younger they learn, the more likely they are to keep it up as they develop into adulthood.


Finding an NHS dentist in your area

Children under 18 are entitled to free dental care on The NHS. There are no hidden costs and this brilliant service should be taken advantage of. If you need to register either yourself or your children with a dental practice, we can help you!

Head to our website Search your local town and then from the checklist on the left, select ‘NHS’. This will filter your search further, leaving you with NHS practices in your town. Browse through your options. Read reviews from other patients, look at the opening hours and the treatments available. Finally, choose the one that best suits you.

If you can’t find an NHS dentist in your area, please consider a visit to a Private Dental Clinic. We’ll give you £100 towards your first appointment and a hygiene visit. The Defacto Teeth Guarantee is designed for this.

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