Devices That Stop Snoring: What’s Right for You?

Snoring can be a nightmare, not only for the person who snores, but whoever shares their bed. We’re sure many an argument have been started over snoring in relationships. So, lets try and put a stop to it and discuss devices that stop snoring in its tracks.

devices that stop snoring

Treatments for snoring can be either surgical or non surgical. Obviously, it depends on the kind of snoring that the snorer is experiencing. We covered the different types and causes of snoring in this old blog, which you can head over and read! It’ll help you identify which category you fit into, as well as which solution will suit you best.

While treatment of any kind may help, it’s not always a guaranteed solution to the problem. Lets look at some devices that stop snoring.

Nasal snoring.

The best devices that stop snoring in this case are, of course, nasal based. Nasal trips and nasal dilators keep the nostrils open during sleep. The strips are a self adhesive tape, which you stick along the bridge of your nose and they are designed to keep the nostrils apart. Nasal dilators are made of plastic or metal and function by pushing the nostrils open during sleep. Either the strips of the dilators can be used as they have never been compared to one another for efficiency.

devices that stop snoring

Nasal Strips

Oral appliances.

Often used with those who suffer with sleep apnea, there are many varying types of oral appliances that can be used. Chin strips are self-adhesive tape strips fastened under the chin to keep the mouth closed during sleep. A vestibular shield is a plastic device is fitted inside the mouth to obstruct air-flow through it and promote nasal breathing, which often prevents snoring. You could also try a Mandibular advancement device (MAD).

These devices that stop snoring work by pushing the lower jaw and tongue forward. This increases the space for airflow in the pharynx, thereby preventing vibration of the tongue in this region. A thermoplastic MAD may be bought readymade and fitted to size in the patient’s home. These devices may not be suitable for or tolerated by individuals with a strong gag reflex. It may also not be tolerated by those who cannot sleep with appliances in the mouth. It may cause pain in the face and jaw over the initial days. A custom-made MAD by a dentist is recommended for those with OSAS, however these are much more expensive.

devices that stop snoring


A tongue-retaining device also works with to stop the tongue falling back. It holds the tip of the tongue in place through a slight negative suction. The TRD has orifices laterally to allow mouth breathing in case the nose is blocked. This may create some initial soreness, but it is quite safe and reported to be effective in many snorers.

Pros and cons of devices that stop snoring.

Oral appliances can cause discomfort, foreign body sensation, excessive salivation or mouth dryness. But, they can also, over time, cure or at least help with snoring. It’s all about identifying what’s right for you. They all have varying cost and use. Some may cause mild discomfort and others may cause genuine pain for a while, while you adjust. If you’re unsure of which device you should go for, discussing it with your dentist is a good place to start. They will help identify what type of snorer you are, what device would suit best and the risks involved.

devices that stop snoring


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