Do you suffer from sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth cause anything between a mild twinge to having severe discomfort that can last several hours. It is most common in people between the ages of 20 and 40. It can also affect people in their early teens and when they are over 70. Did you know that tooth sensitivity is more common in women than in men?

What causes sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth can be caused by enamel wearing away and the softer dentine it protects becoming exposed. Contact on this exposed dentine can create the feeling of sensitivity. Enamel can be worn down by toothbrush abrasion. With age, gums naturally recede and can expose it. Gum disease and whitening or bleaching your teeth can cause a short lived sensitivity.

How can you avoid sensitive teeth?

If you eat or drink something cold or acidic you are most likely to experience sensitivity. Cutting these out of your regular diet will really help. Even being out in cold weather can cause discomfort – hard to avoid in our British winter-time!

Changing your brushing habits can help. Brush your teeth twice a day with a sensitive fluoride toothpaste. Never brush your teeth from side to side, always brush up and down. Floss your teeth regularly to get rid of any small pieces of food that get stuck between your teeth and gums.

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Don’t brush your teeth straight after eating. Change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head at least every three months. Make sure you see both your dentist and hygienist at least every six months. Let them know if you are experiencing any discomfort. There are many products on the market that they can recommend to you.

Whitening or bleaching your teeth can affect sensitivity. Never use home whitening kits before discussing with your dentist.

Where can you find products that will help?

Your Dentist Recommends is our on-line shop. Here you will find all kinds of sensitive teeth products including special toothpaste and tooth brushes. There are many options for flossing your teeth including inter-dental brushes and electric water flossers which are ideal for sensitive teeth.

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