The Top Ten Best & Worst Drinks For Your Teeth

The foods and drinks we consume can really affect our oral health.

Recently, a group of dentists ranked the top ten best to worst drinks for your teeth. We thought we’d be able to guess them all, but a few of them surprised us!

How many of these do you regularly have?


Let’s start with the drinks that are good for your teeth…


Are we surprised? Not really. For years, we’ve heard that milk is fantastic for our teeth.It does the body (and your chompers) good. Milk is packed full of calcium and vitamin D, which helps to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Milk also contains caseins, a type of protein that forms a protective film on the enamel of your teeth to prevent decay. Have a  glass of milk a day and your smile will thank you.


Surprisingly, a vodka soda won’t harm your teeth too much. If you’re ordering anything at the bar, clear spirits are your best bet. They won’t stain your teeth and they can also help to fight bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath!


Herbal teas are a brilliant alternative to regular tea and coffee which can stain your teeth, giving them that dreaded yellow tinge. Some herbal alternatives are a great way of getting your caffeine fix while looking after your teeth.



It’s in the name… as its name implies, mineral water has a high mineral content, as well as calcium phosphate, which actually helps to rebuild tooth enamel. A few glasses of this regularly won’t do you any harm! and we could all do with drinking more water!


Like we said, we could all do with drinking more water. Tap water is really good for our teeth too, it rinses away any leftover food particles. Plus, anything from the tap should have fluoride in it, which helps to reduce tooth decay and prevent cavities. Enjoy a few glasses a day!

Now for the drinks that aren’t so good for our teeth:


Are we surprised? No we are not. Possibly the biggest offender of them all, this sugary drink also has enamel-destroying acid and tooth-staining caramel food coloring. And despite what you’ve been told, the diet stuff isn’t much better. If you need a sugar hit, make sure to brush well afterwards.


Both equally bad for your teeth, especially if you drink them black. The darker you drink them, the more they will stain. Try to drink them through a straw if you can.


We like a glass of wine as much as the next person, but it isn’t good for our teeth. We suggest that you swish some water after every couple sips, especially if you’re a red wine drinker as it can stain badly. Prefer a white? Though it won’t leave a stain, it is still very acidic. Pair your Pinot Grigio with some cheese (yay!) to restore the pH balance in your mouth. Any excuse for cheese and wine!


It’s easy to brand fruit juices as healthy, but they are all high in sugar. Citrus fruit juices are perhaps the worst offenders as they wear away the enamel of our teeth over time too. Limit your in take of fruit juices where possible.


Much like soft drinks, energy drinks are often full of sugar. They are sometimes even bright in colour, being blue or even green. Make sure you’re brushing well afterwards!

So there you have it, a top 10 list of the best and worst drinks out there. We’re not saying you should only be drinking water, moderation is key, alongside a thorough oral health routine and visits to the dentist.

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