The Food That Is Good For Our Teeth.

The food that we eat can hugely impact our dental health.

On the blog before, we’ve looked at Food that can help to whiten our teeth. We also briefly looked at the food we should pass up on to avoid tooth discolouration. Today, we’re looking at the food that is actually surprisingly good for our teeth and gums!


Almonds make a great on-the-go food snack as they are a brilliant source of calcium. We’re not talking about chocolate coated almonds or sugar almonds though!  Plain almonds from supermarkets and health food stores are low in sugar and high in protein. This allows them to regular our hunger levels. They also taste great when added to salads and stir fry dishes.


For many years, dieticians have been warning us not too eat as much cheese and dairy products, but cheese is really good for our teeth. It is again high in protein and calcium, two very important nutrients that help us keep our tooth enamel healthy and strong.  Eating cheese also increases saliva production which in turn helps to clean the mouth. Saliva is the body’s natural mouthwash so the more the better!

Leafy Greens.

Kale or spinach might not seem like the most appetising food in the world, but they can work wonders for our oral health. Cabbage, spring greens and some varieties of lettuce are all brilliant too. These veggies contain really high levels of folic acid which is great for strengthening tooth enamel. Folic acid is also known to have helped cure gum disease in pregnant women. Just a handful of these greens with every dinner could make a real difference to the overall health of your teeth and gums!


Chewing Gum.

Sugar free, of course. This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Chewing gum promotes saliva production in the mouth which in turn helps to wash away bacteria. Plus, the fresh minty taste is always a bonus. Pop in a bit of gum after your meals to help clean your teeth and give you a fresh breath!

Shiitake Mushrooms.

This special variety of mushrooms are brilliant at beating through plaque and stifling plaque growth! Shiitake mushrooms contain a chemical called lentinan, a natural sugar that breaks the plaque down. These mushrooms also taste great in Chinese stir fry meals!

White Tea.

White tea is brilliant at breaking down bacteria in the mouth. It also reduces the risk of developing tooth decay and cavities. If you can drink it unsweetened without sugar or even honey, it is even better for you.

Eating the right foods alongside a thorough dental hygiene routine will give your smile longevity. Brushing twice daily alongside flossing and visiting the dentist for check ups will help you to maintain good oral health.

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