How to Have a Good Dentist Appointment: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

You might be approaching your six-month check up, or you might have just registered at a new practice. It’s common that we all want to have a good dentist appointment. But, it goes beyond excessive brushing beforehand.

how to have a good dentist appointment

Actually that could be one of the things you don’t do. Brushing right before you go for your appointment could disguise some issues. Bad breath and plaque can be signs of more serious issues and hiding them may not do you any favours. However, if you’ve just had lunch, it might be wise to get rid of any residual food! How else can you have a good dentist appointment?

Don’t smoke or work out before you come.

You might have a busy day and fitting in that crucial run right before the dentist seems like a good idea. It’s not. Sitting in a sticky chair with damp, sweaty clothes on is probably the last thing you or your dentist wants you to do. If you can, wait until after your appointment to hit the gym. As for smoking, it is something dentists don’t want their patients doing, period. But, definitely not before the dentist. Not only does it give you bad breath, smoking can lead to teeth staining, gum disease, tooth loss, and even mouth cancer.

how to have a good dentist appointment

Don’t think because you’re not feeling well you can’t come.

Not that a good dentist appointment is going to be one that you’re not well for, but you should still come. However, if you’re coughing, sneezing or have flu like symptoms its best not to come. Feeling slightly under the weather shouldn’t be a cause for concern for your dentist. Dentists have very carefully placed hygiene measures in the office to ensure that disease isn’t transmitted between patient-to-patient or patient-to-doctor. But, if you do feel the need to cancel, ensure that you are respectful. Every dental practice has a different protocol when it comes to canceling or rescheduling appointments. However, the main issue is no shows. Not only is it rude to bail without a phone call, it also means your dentist could have seen another patient during your time slot.

Don’t hide home habits.

Honesty is key when you’re dealing with any type of doctor. Lying about your medical history or habits can prevent you from getting the treatment you need. If you don’t floss and brush twice a day don’t pretend that you do. Lying to a dentist will result in damage to yourself because honesty is the only way you can really give your best shot at the best treatment.

how to have a good dentist appointment

Remember your children might not enjoy your dental visit.

We’re not asking you to go out of your way to find a baby sitter for your child. However, a bored child in a dentist office might not be the best what to have a good dentist appointment. However, it might be likely that a nurse or receptionist will step in to entertain your child while your getting your check up. It’s a good idea to check with your dentist’s office because they may be able to have a staff member available who can keep them occupied while you’re in the chair.

Be sure to ask questions.

They key to having continual good dentist appointments is knowing what you need to know. You can’t change bad habits if you don’t understand what it is you need to change. No question is a stupid question. It’s essential that the patient understands the treatment their dentist is proposing and all options and alternatives. If the dentist says something you don’t understand, don’t be shy about asking questions!

how to have a good dentist appointment

We hope you usually have a good dentist appointment, but if you don’t we hope these tips will help change that in the future. How do you prepare for your appointments? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Katy Jacobs on 10 March 2017 at 2:00 pm

    You have no idea how your article brought a lot of funny memories. A lot of people may ignore the things you’ve mentioned until they visit the dentist. I remember mine and i just finished smoking (i have quit already) and i forgot to brush before my visit. The guys at were very understanding but it was a very awkward situation. Thanks for the article looking forward for more!

    • PatriciaDD on 13 March 2017 at 11:33 am

      No problem Katy, glad you enjoyed it!

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