How to: Achieve the smile of your dreams, naturally

Can you achieve the smile of your dreams naturally?

For many people, achieving the smile of their dreams means having straight, white teeth. Your teeth would be well sized and have lovely straight edges. However, most of us aren’t lucky enough to have such a smile naturally. Until recently you would have undergone years of orthodontic treatment. This would have started in your teens to straighten things up. What are the options today?


One of the biggest myths is that to achieve this ‘perfect’ smile requires lots of extensive – and expensive – dental work. It can be invasive and requires a lot of time spent in the dentist’s chair. This is not a prospect that many are happy to endure.

So what is the more natural alternative for your dream smile?

Lots of dentists are now practising what is called  ‘minimally invasive dentistry’. This is a much more conservative approach. It focusses on achieving a beautiful smile that is also very natural. The problem with heavy cosmetic treatment, such as veneers, is that it often involves removing some of the tooth’s natural structure.  This is a concept that dentists now would prefer to avoid if possible. So, what do they do instead?

Align – Bleach – Bond

The go-to formula these days is ‘align, bleach and bond’, a three-step process that provides gorgeous results that are both natural and cost effective.

Natural Dream Smile Step 1 – Align

The first stage is straightening, and dentists are lucky to be able to use a variety of different options these days that work well with the patient’s lifestyle.


From clear, removeable aligners, like Invisalign, to systems like Quick Straight Teeth that use tooth-coloured brackets and wires. Your dentist can discuss what’s available allowing you to select the method that best suits your needs and your price point.

Natural Dream Smile Step 2 – Bleach

Next up is bleach, or teeth whitening. This is a fantastic treatment that produces phenomenal results that you will simply adore.


As we age, eating and drinking various things stains our teeth; a course of teeth whitening – from your dentist only please, it’s illegal any other way – will remove these leaving you with bright pearly whites!

Natural Dream Smile Step 3 – Bond

The final stage is bonding, or composite bonding. Once you’ve achieved your desired shade following bleaching, your dentist will use composite filling material to build up areas of the teeth where the size might need evening out or the edges require tidying up. This provides those final perfecting tweaks that really give a smile that added wow factor!


And the great news …

The great news is that you can undergo this type of treatment in stages if it helps your budget, allowing you to achieve the smile of your dreams in a more pocket-pleasing manner. The results of this approach are utterly beautiful, so ask your dentist about it at your next appointment!

Find a dentist who can create your dream smile naturally

Click the link below and type in your location. Choose the advanced search and click ’Composite Bonding’. This will give you a list of dentists near you. You can also read their patient reviews!

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