How to identify plaque on your teeth.

How to get rid of plaque.

Plaque can cause significant damage to your teeth and gums so it is really important that we know and understand how to get rid of plaque.

This video by leading Hygienist Flora Couper, explains what plaque is and how to identify it on your teeth. She demonstrates a super product called Plaque Glo which is available for kids and for adults. It uses a blue light to show up any areas that have been missed out and where plaque is building up.

Get ready to be scared. Give your teeth a fright by highlighting your own plaque so you can get to work on it.

Plaque can cause bad breath, tooth decay and potential gum issues which may lead to loss of teeth.

Plaque Glo is available online from YourDentistRecommends

Keep smiling!

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