How to use an interdental brush.

Flore Couper, Hygienist

This video shows you how to use an interdental brush. Some great tips on how to use the brush to reach those awkward areas where you may find hard to reach.

Plaque build up is common but can easily be prevented. Plaque can cause some serious problems if allowed to continue.

How does plaque form? Everyone has bacteria in their mouths. The bacteria starts to form a gunky state between your teeth which is usually removed with good brushing technique. However, some teeth are harder to reach and the soft bacteria lumps become hard and form plaque at the base of your teeth, beside the gums. This may lead to decay and the need for fillings. If left totally unattended, it will create a gap between the gum and the tooth leading to more serious infections and problems.

Bacteria smells, so many people use a good mouthwash as part of their brushing routine. This also help to strengthen your teeth and will help in the removal of bacteria….no more smelly breath!

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