Too Many Adults Are Skipping Out On Hygienist Appointments

When was the last time you visited the hygienist?

Almost one third of adults in the UK have never had a hygiene appointment at the dentist,  research from Tepe has shown. This is a truly shocking statistic.

Some people think that visiting the dentist is enough. And in some cases, that is true. There are people who do take exceedingly good care of their teeth and there is no need to back to the practice for additional check-ups or hygienist appointments.

hygienist, dental hygiene, hygienist appointment

However, there are people who do need to go to the hygienist.

Tepe found that 49% of patients feel that visiting the dentist regularly is enough to look after their teeth. On top of that, just less than 40% of patients stated that they avoid going to the hygienist because the price was too expensive. This is despite only 14% of respondents identifying their own oral hygiene as excellent.

While the research from Tepe does show that adults do care about the health and appearance of their smile, it also discovered that adults prioritise beauty treatments over dental treatments. We know that spray tans, and hair-cuts and manicures are a lot more pleasant than say, a filling, root canal or a scale and polish.  But, taking care of your smile is incredibly important. With good care, your smile will look good for a long time.

Why should you visit the hygienist?

Brushing alone is not enough. Just two minutes of brushing twice a day only cleans, 65% of the tooth’s surface. That is why regular flossing is important too. On top of that, hygienists can recommend quick and easy tips on how to best clean your teeth and your mouth.

An appointment with the hygienist is usually quick and painless. Plus, the better care you take care of your teeth, the less work the hygienist will need to do.

hygienist, dental hygiene, hygienist appointment

Demographic differences.

Of those that go to hygiene appointments, less than a quarter (24%) visit twice a year. There are also a few demographic differences in those that do visit the hygienist.

Men are less likely to visit the hygienist than women, with 34% of men having NEVER visited the dental hygienist compared with 28% of women. People in the south west of England and the East Midlands are also less likely to go for a hygiene appointment, with 37% of the respondents from these areas never having visited.

Book in with your hygienist now.

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