Imperfect Teeth are Brit’s Biggest Turn Off

Imperfect teeth have turned out to be one of British peoples biggest turn off in the world of dating.

imperfect teeth brits biggest turn off

A survey from Iwhite Instant has discovered this. A third of Brits base their first impression on physical appearance alone. However, imperfect teeth were one of the biggest issues.

The top five biggest turns off in the survey were:

1. A cheesy chat up line – 77%
2. Imperfect teeth – 65%
3. If they pay too much attention to their mobile – 64%
4. Arrogance – 53%
5. Lack of hygiene – 52%.

We’re shocked that bad teeth comes before hygiene! In a time where physical perfection is lusted after it’s not hard to see why this would be such an issue. It’s widely known that one of the things people notice first about a person is their smile. So imperfect teeth are sure to tarnish that.

imperfect teeth brits biggest turn off

Embracing love

Marketing manager at Iwhite Instant, Carien Veldhuis, said:

“It’s interesting to see what Britons consider to be the top turnoffs when meeting new people, and that cheesy chat up lines are considered to be the worst.”

“It’s a telling sign that you should just be yourself on a date. Tell them about your interests and ask about them theirs and be honest.”

“That being said, it’s no surprise that imperfect teeth came in at second on the top turn-offs either. This is one of those evolutionary things we look for in a mate.”

“That’s not to say people have to have the kind of perfect pearly whites that you’d expect to see in a magazine, but make sure you take good care of your teeth!”

imperfect teeth

What can you do?

Your dental health shouldn’t come down to one date. It should be on your mind all year round. While not having straight teeth may be out of your hands initially, dental hygiene is not. Staying on top of a good dental routine is easy and will benefit you in the long run. Not only will it keep your teeth naturally whiter, it can also prevent bigger health and dental issues in the future. Brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, along with flossing, is all you need to do to manage your dental hygiene.

This will also stave off another expected turn off. Bad breath. You can read more about what causes bad breath in another of our blogs. In the majority of cases bad breath is caused by the accumulation and breakdown of bacteria in the mouth. That’s why frequent bad breath, also known as halitosis, is also a sign of early-stage gum disease. So whether it’s just a fragrant meal you’ve had or something more, keeping up with daily brushing does a lot to help. You can go for other options to create that date worthy smile, though.

Feeling like a Change?

imperfect teeth brits biggest turn off

Should you want to opt for a whitening or straightening treatment, it’s easy to get it going. Contacting a dentist is your first port of call. From there, they’d be able to advise and assist you to getting the Hollywood smile you’re looking for. Interested in a straightening treatment? Find out which one would be right for you by reading our Braces vs Invisalign blog!

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