How to Improve Your Child’s First Dental Visit

How can you improve your child’s first dental visit?

We don’t know a lot of people who like going to the dentist. However, for us it’s routine, for children it could be intimidating. A strange place with loud noises and strangers doesn’t even sound comfortable for us. Although, there are ways you can improve your child’s first dental visit and we’re going to show you how!

improve your child's first dental visit

Don’t make it a big deal

To improve your child’s first dental visit, try not to talk about the visit on too many occasions. Children can start becoming concerned and suspicious. They could focus on the issue too heavily and become too wary when they don’t have to be. Or stress out thinking it to be something to be really serious. They often pick up the stressful vibes from the adults and react to that.

Don’t be negative

Past should remain buried. If you haven’t had any good experience with a dentist as a child, don’t tell yours. The person taking care of your child will be a professional and should make your child feel at ease.

improve your child's first dental visit

Go when they’re young

The younger a child is, the better the possibility of them not being afraid. They’re more likely to go in without getting overly worried or stressed if you remain calm. If you want a dentist that works with children a lot you can use our practice finder to find one.

Do not use bribery

Bribery could make a visit to the dentist seem like a chore. It could also make it seem like something they need to endure for a reward. This may give them negative connotations and you’ll never escape the bribery. Go ahead with a positive attitude and make it a comfortable experience for all.

improve your child's first dental visit

Use positive language

Try not to use negative words. Association to pain, hurt or discomfort before they go wont do a lot to improve your child’s first dental visit. They’ll be scared and worried. Keep it on a positive note and maybe mention how the dentist will keep their teeth healthy and strong?

Playing Dentist!

Sometimes playing with a child can leave more of a positive impact on them. If they are like playing, doctors and nurses with their friends. Try playing dentist with them to teach them about their visit in a fun way. They will use their imagination during the game and then later during their visit.

improve your child's first dental visit

Don’t fuss

Don’t fuss too much if they get scared. It’s inevitable that some kids, no matter what, will worry during their first visit. However, acknowledging that worry and fussing over them will make them feel like it’s something to fuss over. Calmly and kindly telling them it’s ‘all fine’ and letting the dentist use his training to work with your kid should be all they need to get used to it.

We hope this helps you improve your child’s first dental visit. It’s a milestone, for sure, and we’re sure it’ll all go smoothly!



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