Introducing The Tooth Fairy To Your Child

Yesterday was National Tooth Fairy Day and this week on the Defacto Dentists blog, we’re looking at all things tooth loss.

It’s an exciting moment for your child when their first tooth starts to come loose. There’s the anticipation and constant updates of how wobbly it is, the panic when it feels like it’s about to finally come out, and the relief when they realise it isn’t that bad!

Introducing your child to the tooth fairy can be really fun for both you and them!

If your child has older brothers and sisters, they may already know about the tooth fairy. But that shouldn’t make their first missing tooth less of a big deal!

Begin by explaining to them what the Tooth Fairy does, and why she does it.

It may be a fun idea to let your child draw their own version of the tooth fairy, let them interpret how they look in their own minds.  In our blog yesterday, we looked at where The Tooth Fairy originated from and how she was interpreted throughout the years. The Tooth Fairy has been a big part of all of our childhoods,

Online, there are plenty of fun printable activities for introducing the tooth fairy to children.

From letters to and from the tooth fairy, receipts for collected teeth, to door hangers that say “Tooth Fairy Please Stop Here!” there are plenty of online resources to make it an exciting experience.

Here are some online resources that we love:

Colouring in pages

Tooth Fairy Quiz

Letter From The Tooth Fairy

Please Stop Here – Tooth Fairy Door Hangers

Tooth Fairy Collection Receipt

And for those times when the tooth fairy maybe forgets to pay a visit:

Late Letter from The Tooth Fairy

There are also many books available in libraries in bookshops for children about tooth loss and the tooth fairy such as ‘Dear Tooth Fairy’ and “How To Catch The Tooth Fairy”.  It may be an idea to take some time to read a few of these with your child before the big day arrives.

If anything, use the experience to express to your child the importance of brilliant dental health. Ensure they are using the correct toothpaste and tooth brush for their young teeth. Make sure your child regularly visits the dentist. Check-up appointments should be every 6 months, but if your child complains of pain and discomfort, it would be an idea to visit the dentist.

If you’re looking for a dental practice to register your child at, we can help you. On our website, we have hundreds of practices listed for you to choose from. Simply search your location, select ‘Child Friendly’ from the checklist on the left hand side and browse your options. Take a look at the practices, their teams and the services on offer and choose your favourite. Finding your perfect dentist has never been so easy.

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