Healthy Snacks for Kids That Won’t Damage Their Teeth!

Kids will do anything to get their hands on sweet treats.

We’ll admit it, sometimes handing our kids a chocolate bar is easier than dealing with a tantrum or two. Dishing out sweet treats is fine on occasion but we should try to limit how often we hand over sweets, biscuits, cakes or chocolate!

Today we’re looking at some healthy snack ideas for kids – healthy snacks that won’t harm teeth!

We love these apple turtles as a fun snack for kids!

It’s a well-known fact that apples are really great at keeping our teeth healthy and clean, dentists even encourage us to eat them. Making fruit into fun shapes, characters or animals is a brilliant way of ensuring kids are getting one of their five a day. The sweetness from the fruit will also hopefully curb their cravings for chocolate or sweets too!

Simply chop an apple in half and add a few green grapes as the head, arms and legs! Then you can add a few chocolate chips for eyes and a tail! Super simple and sure to keep them happy!

Cheese is great for our teeth too.

Dairy products are important for good overall health, especially bone health. Eating cheese and other dairy products such as milk or yoghurt might help protect teeth against cavities! There are plenty of cheese snacks for kids out there such as Cheese Strings or Babybel but we love these mini cheese and fruit kebabs! After all, who doesn’t love cheese with some grapes or a little apple?

Cut up some cheese into small cubes and chop up some apple and grapes. Then, arrange them onto skewers – you could even get the kids involved here! They’re more likely to eat something if they’ve helped to make it. These are great for lunch boxes too!

An ice lolly alternative?

Kids love ice cream and ice lollies, but these are often packed full of sugars that can really attack our teeth. Well we all know that small amounts of dairy products are good for our teeth. Freezing some fat free natural yoghurt with fruit mixed in, in some ice lolly moulds is a great alternative. These treats are super tasty and last in the freezer for a good while.

Moderation is key!

Of course, it is totally fine to let kids have sugary treats from time to time. But if possible, try to limit this to only once or twice a week, maybe as a treat on the weekends. If you have any other suggestions for healthy snacks for kids, do let us know in the comments! If you make any of our recipes, take some photos and let us see!

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