Make A Point of Making Appointments!

Missing dental appointments is something you shouldn’t make a habit of.

One missed appointment can easily become many year’s worth of missed appointments. The problem is, too many of us don’t make visiting the dentist a priority. Unfortunately, by doing this, we open the doors to more dental problems further down the line!


No Excuses

Besides dental phobia and dental anxiety, there is really no excuse for missing the dentist. Everyone has access to dental care via the NHS. We are all busy in our day to day lives, but are we really too busy to take care of our own health? It is crucial that you do make time to make necessary appointments for the dentist.


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Don’t Let Missing Appointments Become a Habit

21 million adults in the UK did not visit a dentist last year. That’s almost two and a half time the population of London! But missing appointments doesn’t just occur in adults. Last year in England alone, over 5 million children missed NHS dental appointments. One in Four parents do not know that their child is eligible for free dental care for their child on the NHS.  It is crucial to remember that NHS dental treatment for under 18s is completely free and should be used!



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Ensure Your Kids Get The Treatment They Need

Parents who avoid the dentist are more likely to avoid making dental appoints for their children. We all know that the better care we take of our teeth when we are young, the less likely we are to encounter severe dental problems later in life. It is partially the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their children are attending their dental appointments, especially if they are too young to make their own appointments.

Tooth Decay still remains the number one reason for children being admitted to hospital. Tooth decay is entirely preventable and making regular visits to the dentist for check up appointments is the first step to combatting it!



missing appointment, appointments, NHS, dental, treatment, missed

We Can Help You

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