Should Everyone Stop Moaning About The Coca Cola Truck?

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Is it too soon to talk about Christmas?

Already, Christmas adverts are taking over the TV. We watched on social media, the banned ‘due to political reasons’ Iceland Foods advert. The Boots advert was surprisingly emotional. Kevin the Carrot is now a household name as he fights off Pascal The Parsnip and the John Lewis advert divided opinions, as usual. Christmas is fast approaching.

The Holidays Are Coming

One advert that has been causing controversy for many years now, is the Coca Cola Christmas advert with its iconic ‘the holidays are coming’ song.  For many, the Coke Christmas Trucks appearing on screens highlights the beginning of the Christmas season every year. For some, the advert sparks an anger, and we can see both sides of the argument. BUT, this year, the advert is different.

Coke Zero takes centre stage.

For the first time ever, Coke ZERO is at the forefront of the advert. While the iconic truck is still very much the main focus, Santa is pictured drinking out of the iconic glass bottle but instead of regular Coke, he is seen enjoying a Coke Zero. Cokc Zero is the Coca Cola Company’s sugar free alternative to the strong stuff – just as tasty but indeed more friendly on our teeth and our waistlines.

Watch the advert here:


So Why are people still complaining?

Alongside the advert, every year the iconic truck does a tour of the UK, stopping at shopping centres and supermarkets. This year, a total of 34 locations across England, Wales and Scotland will be visited. Each year, workers from Coca Cola greet visitors with miniature cans of the popular soft drink. This is what has caused the most controversy this year. Health Living charities and organisations are criticising the soft drinks brand for promoting the sugary product to adults and children.

Many have also commented on how the truck is visiting the less affluent areas, where many families rely on cheaper, unhealthy foods because they cannot afford healthy alternatives and lack knowledge on nutrition. Dentists have also hit out against the brand – unsurprisingly – and said that even though the sugar free option is being promoted, the drink can still damage teeth because of the dark staining colour and acidity of the drink.

christmas, coca-cola, coke, soft drinks, festive, dentist, fury, NHS

Should Everyone Stop Moaning About The Coca Cola Truck?

Are we all just taking it a bit too seriously?

How many times have you watched the advert and actually  thought ‘I could really go a cola’?  probably not that many. The advert is more about the sentiment that the holidays are on their way. It’s an advert that for once, is not so much about the product and that’s how it’s become so iconic over the years.  We know that most soft drinks aren’t great for us so whether you love the advert or you hate it, just know that moderation is the key.

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