Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

When looked after properly, our teeth are naturally white. However, many people prefer to have whiter teeth. The attraction is that white teeth are healthy, therefore ultra-white teeth are ultra-healthy.

There are a number of chemical solutions available that take teeth from their natural white to an ultra-white. Typically, these solutions will include a peroxide base which will bleach the teeth. In some cases this causes pain as teeth absorb the chemicals, causing sensitivity.

Other than using chemicals to whiten your teeth, are there any natural solutions?

tooth erosion, enamel erosion, tooth decay, decay, herbal tea, salt and vinegar crispsTeeth Brushing

It’s the obvious one, but the most effective one. If you brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time, then your teeth will be healthy and naturally white. There are many toothpastes from Colgate and Oral B (and others) which contain a small and safe amount of peroxides and those better known brands produce the best results, especially with an electric toothbrush.

Baking Soda

The toothpaste you find on your supermarket shelves will most likely contain mint, industrial sand and baking soda. Sounds a lovely combination, right? We don’t suggest you run off to the beach to brush your teeth however! You could use baking soda which acts as an abrasive and also a stain remover…it also works well for wine spills on new carpets!Delicious citrus fruit

citrus fruit

Acid can be harmful to the enamel on your teeth. Enamel in the pearlescent tooth covering which makes your teeth appear white, so if this is eroded, you will lose the base for any teeth whitening solution. However, citrus fruits are great for removing stains and act as a polish for your enamel. It should not replace toothpaste, but supplement it, creating healthier gums, fresher breath and whiter teeth.

Both the zest, the pith and the juice are great cleansers and will also kill bacteria which causes plaque, which then causes bad breath and yellowing of your enamel. Citrus fruits are also great for your skin and act as a natural blonder in the sunshine.

Always rinse well after using citrus fruits, especially lemons and limes as they may cause harm to your enamel if left on your tooth for too long.

Malic Acid

If we suggested that you try malic acid to whiten your teeth, you may well say “no thanks, no chemicals for me!” OK, so here’s the surprise…strawberries are a great source for malic acid and this helps protect your natural whiteness whilst removing those unwanted stains. It strengthens enamel and cleans your tongue, so it’s a double win…treble win when you consider how tasty a juicy strawberry is! Now you can understand why kid’s toothpaste is usually strawberry flavoured rather than mint.


Saliva is incredibly important to our oral health. Remember, a healthy mouth leads to healthy teeth and this usually means whiter teeth. Saliva is our natural mouthwash and rinses acid and bacteria from our teeth every minute of the day, as well as balancing our PH levels. It is therefore imperative that you keep hydrated so that your body can produce this natural mouthwash. Drink less tea, coffee and alcohol as they are more likely to dehydrate then hydrate, as do sugary drinks which have the added side effect of enamel erosion. Keep it simple, stick to water.

Cooking herbs


We all love the flavour herbs deliver, whether it is in a pasta sauce or on a salad. Few of us realise the huge benefit that many of these herbs deliver. For example, parsley is amazing for reducing bacteria in your mouth and stomach, so much so that it can actually stifle garlic odours (garlic is amazing for promoting healthy blood, as are onions, but both leave lingering smells that parsley counteracts).

Basil is another herb which is a great antibacterial agent and its teeth whitening effect can be enhanced by mixing freshly chopped basil with mustard oil and using this pesto on your teeth, leaving it for a few minutes before rinsing. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Neem Tree

The neem tree, or margosa tree has over 140 health-bearing elements. Usually found in Asia, it is widely available in health stores. In days gone by, this was commonly used instead of a toothbrush as its properties protected enamel, whitened teeth and gave protection to gums. If it was good enough then, why not try it now?

Apple Cider Vinegar

You will have heard that apple cider vinegar is great for a healthy gut which leads to a healthier body. This is very true and should be drank every morning. But here is a technique which will also whiten your teeth.

Most people dilute apple cider vinegar with warm water and perhaps some honey (go the whole way and use Manuka honey!) and then drink it as if they were throwing a shot down their throats. Hold it. Yes, hold it in your mouth for a minute before swallowing and the apple cider vinegar will kill off the bacteria in your mouth and will also remove even stubborn stains like red wine, tea, coffee and even nicotine.



It seems to be fashionable to use charcoal based toothpaste these days. This comes from centuries ago when people believed that charcoal was the perfect abrasive to polish teeth. All we can say is try it and see if it works for you. We tried it in the office and saw no difference. It was actually quite off putting to see your teeth with black edges around the gums. The bathroom basin didn’t look too good either!

There are many more natural teeth whitening techniques and we will follow up this blog with others. If you have any great ideas that work for you, please let us know below.

Remember, teeth are naturally white if healthy. To keep your mouth in tip top condition, make regular visits to your dentist. Find the best dentist near you on  and see what other people say about them.

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