NHS Prescriptions and Dental Costs Set to Rise

NHS prescriptions costs are set to rise in England on April 1st.

The government has announced that NHS prescriptions will rise by 20p due to inflation.

nhs prescriptions

This makes the new cost of NHS prescriptions £8.60. Health minister Philip Dunne explained that this rise was “broadly in line with inflation,”. However, in comparison to the rest of the UK, England has a contrasting cost. NHS prescriptions are currently free in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The cost of dental care in England is also set to rise, in line with a two-year settlement, which was announced last year. The lowest-cost band one treatment is rising by 90p and band three treatment increasing by £10.60. A spokesman from the Department of Health commented:

“Dental charges have always represented an important contribution to the overall cost of dental services – but we are ensuring that those who are unable to pay, including children, nursing mothers, and those on certain benefits remain totally exempt from charges.”

nhs prescriptions

Health Minister Philip Dunne said:

“The maximum band three charge is for the approximately 5 per cent of treatments that include items such as crowns or bridges.”

Much like the dental costs Philip Dunne said patients currently exempt from prescription charges would continue to receive free medication. This includes people with conditions including cancer, epilepsy and diabetes, as well as pregnant women, children under 16 and the elderly. While, for others, NHS prescriptions are on the rise the cost of prescription prepayment certificates (PPC), will not change. When discussing this with MPs, Philip Dunne said this decision was to “ensure that those with the greatest need, including patients with long-term conditions, are protected.”

nhs prescriptions

The certificates will continue to cost £29.10 for three months and £104 for a year for unlimited prescriptions in that time frame. However, Charges for wigs and fabric supports will rise in line with inflation.

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