Painkillers In Place of Appointments?

Would you give you child pain killers instead of taking them to the dentist?

A major survey has uncovered that parents are giving their child painkillers as an alternative to visiting the dentist when complaining of toothaches and pains. Only one in three of these patients had sought information from a dentist or dental professional beforehand.

Harder to access NHS dental practices.

We know that is is becoming harder to register children with NHS dental practices. Children in the UK are entitled to free NHS dental care up until age 18. But with more and more practices becoming private, British kids are going without treatment.  Only 58 per cent of children in England had visited a dentist in 2016.

toothache, childrens oral health, NHS, painkillers

Dental pain is serious.

Dental aches and pains can be very serious. They should not be self-diagnosed via the internet or be ignored. Being seen by a dentist is vital to ensure no further complications occur. That goes for anyone – not just for kids.

British kids have some of the worst oral health in the EU. In some cases, kids in the UK have worse oral health than kids in third world, under developed countries. Tooth decay remains the number one reason for hospital admissions among UK children.

toothache, childrens oral health, NHS, painkillers

What should you do if your child is complaining of pain?

If your child is complaining of pain in their teeth or gums, your first port of call should be the dentist. Try to get an emergency appointment, but if not, book an appointment for the next convenient time possible. Dentists will be able to identify any potential problems and be able to provide advice and if applicable, a treatment plan for your child.

If it is an emergency but your practice is closed, for example, in the evenings or at the weekend, you can call NHS 24 on 111. There are trained practitioners and dental professionals there to provide advice and if necessary point you in the right direction if emergency treatment needs to take place.

Painkillers in place of appointments?

Giving kids painkillers be avoided where possible. Administer some pain relief if your child is finding it hard to eat, talk or sleep because of the pain.

A good oral hygiene routine in your child is vital to avoid any potential problems. Brushing two minutes for twice a day is very important. Alongside flossing, cutting down on snacking and making regular visits to the dentist.

toothache, childrens oral health, NHS, painkillers

Register your child with a dentist.

If you need to register your child with a dentist, we can help you. Head over to our website, On our website, we have thousands of UK dentists ready and waiting to help you. Simply enter your location and hit search. Then, from the checklist on the left, select ‘child friendly’ to narrow your search down.


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