Picking the Perfect Practice!

Picking the right dental practice for you is vital.

Picking a dental practice that suits your needs will ensure that you get the best possible care. But everyone always wonders what factors they should look at before choosing. Today, we’re going to look at the 5 main factors you should consider when choosing a practice.

The First Encounter.

Whether it is on the phone, through e-mail or in person, you can often get a feel for a dental practice from your first encounter. Maybe you’ve been trying to call a practice but your phone always rings out, or maybe your enquiry e-mails get no response. If you get the feeling that the practice don’t have time for you before you are a patient, it maybe is a sign that this isn’t the practice for you. Practices should go the extra mile to make you feel welcome whether you’re a prospective student or have been at that practice for many years.

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 When picking a practice, you must ask yourself if the practice hours fit around your schedule. Maybe you work shifts, have child care commitments  or maybe you can only make weekend appointments? It is worthwhile checking which practices have opening hours that suit you.

The treatments on offer.

Not every practice will offer every treatment. This is likely to be true for cosmetic dentistry than general dentistry.  Some of your local practices may offer dental implants, but some of them won’t. Maybe the practices that offer implants won’t offer veneers. If you are looking for a specific treatment, make sure that the practice offers the treatment that you’re looking for before registering as a patient.

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The surroundings.

 This is especially important if you consider yourself a nervous patient. Picking a practice that you feel comfortable in is extremely important. Many people who are scared of the dentist say they are uneasy because of the surroundings in the dentist. It may be the clinical smell or the noises of the dental tools that cause them to feel anxious. Sometimes, it is worth going along to a practice to take a look at the environment. If you don’t feel the practice to be welcoming or if you don’t feel relaxed, it may be worth taking a look at a few others before picking one.

Read some reviews.

 Reading about other patient’s experiences is a good way of deciding whether a practice is suitable for you or not. On Defacto Dentists, our patients review the clinic that they have visited. This helps new patients make decisions when picking their new practice. Why not check some of our practices out for yourself? Simply head over to our website and search your location to get started.

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