Why Are So Many Of Us Scared Of The Dentist?

One quarter of Brits are scared of the dentist.

But why do so many of dread our twenty minute check-ups? Why are so many of us scared of the dentist?

What doesn’t help is that us Brits tend to over-exaggerate sometimes! While your filling or root canal probably wasn’t a heap of fun, was it reaaaaaally as bad as you made it out to be? It seems that we only like to share our dental ‘horror stories’.  When was the last time you told someone about your positive experiences at the dentist?

A lot of our dental phobias seem to stem from our parents and grand-parents and the stories they’ve told us about the dentist. We’re sure they’ve told you all about horrific extractions and the days before anaesthetic, abscesses and cracked teeth. Is it really any wonder that we’re not fond of going to the dentist?

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Dentistry has come a long way

Dentistry isn’t like that anymore. It’s perhaps one of the most technologically advanced industries and dentists have to participate in CPD courses to ensure they stay up to date with the newest technologies and minimally invasive treatments. It’s not like how it used to be at all – we can promise you that.

We also don’t like the unexpected.

We become anxious when we don’t understand what’s happening. Patients lie in the chair  we hear terminology and we have no idea what it means. They anticipate things that don’t happen. We like to be kept in the loop but we feel stupid for asking questions to our dentists so we remain quiet. Being uncertain about our treatments is what makes us most nervous about going to the dentist. If you have a question for your dentist or you’re unsure about something – ask. We guarantee they’ve been asked it 100 times before. Afterall, it’s your health – it would be weird if you weren’t curious about it!

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Overcoming your dental phobia…

Dental phobia is common, but the problem arises when the phobia gets in the way of your oral health. Avoiding the dentist will only lead to further complications and a longer time in the dentist’s chair. Don’t let your phobia get in the way of you having a healthy and happy smile. Nowadays, many dentists specialise in treating phobic patients. There are also several methods of treating phobic patients including dental hypnosis or sedation. Mediation and talking therapies can also be really helpful in combatting dental phobia. To find out which method you’d benefit from, speak to your dentist. If your dentists understands your fear, they can help you overcome your fear.

Find a dentist that specialises in treating phobic patients.

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