Taking Control of Your Dental Health

Are you in control of your dental health?

Do you feel like you have bad teeth? Have they always had cavities? Every time you go to the dentist, they find something different. A new hole. A problem with your gums. Maybe a broken tooth? Your teeth are weak. Or maybe it was bad genes? If you’ve always felt that you have bad teeth, it can feel impossible to get out of that cycle.

taking control of your dental health

But you can do it! You can break the cycle and stop needing filling after filling after filling.

Most problems that affect your teeth can be prevented. Let’s think about the main two; tooth decay and gum disease. They are both caused by bacteria. Tooth decay happens when bacteria in plaque eat some of the sugar from your diet. They eat the sugar and turn it into acid which damages your teeth and causes a cavity. Gum disease is when bacteria get underneath your gums and cause inflammation. The inflammation damages the foundations that hold your teeth and the supporting bone shrinks away.

So with both of these examples, if you get rid of the bacteria you will stop the disease. Brilliant! But how can this be done?

The power lies in your hands and your toothbrush. You can take control of your dental health. You can prevent the majority of problems that affect your teeth.

Start with a toothbrush. It can be either manual or electric. An electric brush makes life easier but you can still get a great clean with a manual brush. Add a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes.

taking control of your dental health

When you’ve finished brushing, spit out the toothpaste but do not rinse with water. This leaves a little bit of the toothpaste in your mouth so the fluoride in your toothpaste can keep protecting your teeth. Fluoride adds itself to the surface of your teeth, strengthening them and protecting them against the attacks from bacteria.

You can use a mouthwash as well. Mouthwash should also contain fluoride. If you use it at a separate time to brushing, it means that you get the full benefit of the mouthwash. Using mouthwash straight after brushing is pointless because you just swap the fluoride in the toothpaste for the fluoride in the mouthwash.

And you need to be cleaning between your teeth at least once a day with either floss or interdental brushes.

There is a lot to think about when taking control of your dental health. A diet that is low in sugar will help to avoid tooth decay. Avoiding smoking will improve the health of your gums.

And you’re going to need a dentist. At a check up, your dentist can let you know how you’re doing. He or she can show you any areas that your cleaning is missing and how you can get those areas clean. This personal advice tailored to you can be so valuable.

taking control of your dental health

For advice when you’re not at the dentist, go to The Online Dentist website. They have advice for the whole family on how to protect your teeth as well as information on dental treatments so that you can take control of your dental health. There are articles, videos and activities that are all free to download. And there’s stuff for kids so they understand the importance of caring for their teeth from an early age.

If you can take control of your dental health, you can eat, chew and smile with confidence. Your teeth and your smile are so important to how you see yourself. Being able to smile with confidence is a great feeling. So why wait? Take control of your dental health today.

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