Tooth Loss in Adults

Tooth loss in adults can be worrying and really knock your confidence.

It’s a dental problem that adults never really think about but it does happen, probably more than you think.

The most common reasons for tooth loss in adults are: bad oral hygiene routines, serious illness, chronic illness such as diabetes, gum disease, sudden trauma and Bruxism (clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth).

Tooth loss can also occur due to a poor diet.

This applies to patients of all ages, not just adults. Bad nutrition and not feeding your body the correct things can really damage the teeth. Not getting enough calcium, or eating too many sugary treats can cause the teeth to become weak and consequently loose.

Unlike children, adults have many options for fixing missing teeth. Many dentists now specialise in dental implants and bridges that can transform a smile. Whether it’s only one missing tooth or a few, there will be a solution. What’s more is that some of these treatments are available on 0% financing options so that you can spread the cost.

It is a good idea to fill any missing gaps you do have in your mouth.

Gaps in the teeth are essentially magnets for food and bacteria which will eventually lodge themselves into our gums, which could potentially lead to gum disease and further oral health problems.

If you are considering replacing missing teeth but don’t know where to start. Book a consultation with your dentist. They will be able to examine the severity of the problem and suggest the best ways to tackle it. Implants may not suit everyone, the same way that bridges may not suit others.

Ultimately, maintaining a strict oral hygiene routine will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

The healthier your mouth is, the less likely you are to experience tooth loss.

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