UK Teachers Taking Children’s Oral Health Into Their Own Hands

Teachers across the UK are now taking steps to try to improve children’s oral health.

Children’s oral health is a hot topic. One week it’s improving, the next it’s getting worse and now, it’s come to light that teachers in primary schools up and down the UK are getting involved in Children’s oral health. Teaching staff are there to ensure that our kids grow up in to well rounded, clever and confident individuals. And now, they’re making sure that kids are looking after their teeth, too.

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Oral Care In The Classroom.

UK teachers are taking kid’s oral health into their own hands. A symptom of deprivation and  to dip into their own pockets to help give pupils access to toiletries that they may not have access to at home. Teachers are buying oral care supplies, to give all the kids an equal footing when it comes to oral health.

Signs of hygiene poverty are now so common, that over half of teachers in a new survey admitted to stepping in to help parents fund basic toiletries for their children. Teachers are buying toothbrushes and toothpastes for entire classrooms to ensure that they are all able to access basic oral hygiene supplies, something which may not be available to them at home.

It doesn’t just stop at toothbrushes. 

Many schools are now washing and drying school uniforms and providing hot showers for their pupils. Several schools in the west of Scotland are also opening during school holidays. This is so that they can provide an additional meal for children that would normally receive free school meals.

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The Current State of Children’s Oral Health.

A whopping 75% of children in England, under the age of 5 have tooth decay in at least 3 teeth. The leading cause of planned hospital admissions in UK children is because of tooth decay. It’s safe to say that children’s oral health isn’t in a fantastic state. Is it really any wonder that the teachers who are teaching our children are so concerned?

The future of our children’s oral health at home & at school.

Recently, the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow made a recommendation to government ministers that children in schools across the UK have access to facilities that will allow them to brush their teeth after meals. This is in an attempt to manifest better oral health routines in children and begin to stamp out hygiene poverty.

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Taking your child to the dentist.

Children in the UK are entitled to FREE NHS dental care until the age of 18. A child should be visiting the dentist at least twice a year for a check up. If your child isn’t already registered with a dentist, you can find one at All you need to do is search your location and select ‘child-friendly’ and ‘NHS’ from the filter. When you find one, use the contact details and get in touch with the practice!