What is the truth behind whitening your teeth?

The truth behind whitening your teeth

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Is a bright white smile on your wish list these days? Let’s face it –  it’s a sign of health and youth. We can really pull together that polished yet natural look that so many of us crave. This is why teeth whitening treatment has become more popular and more accessible than ever before.

Teeth whitening shades

The problem is, there seems to be a whitening solution everywhere we look. From supermarkets selling whitening toothpaste, to beauticians offering cut-price teeth whitening treatment. As consumers it can be hard to know where to turn! It’s no wonder so many people opt for the cheapest or ‘best’ deal when seeking a brighter smile.


The legalities

It is important to understand the legalities of teeth whitening, and why certain regulations are in place, when selecting your preferred provider. First and foremost, teeth whitening is officially classed as ‘the practice of dentistry’. This means that, by law, the treatment can only legally be carried out by a fully trained dental professional. This is either a dentist or can be a dental hygienist/therapist under the prescription of a dentist. The treatment must always be at a registered dental practice.

teeth whitening legalities

Why is this the case?

If you want a whiter smile, the best place to start is a with a healthy mouth. Sensitive, cracked or decayed teeth, or inflamed gums should be treated prior to undergoing teeth whitening, and only a dental profession can diagnose and treat these problems. Skipping this step could aggravate any existing conditions.

Professional teeth whitening

In addition, all teeth whitening products available to dentists adhere to the European Cosmetic Directive 2012, which guarantees that they are within the safe levels of bleach that do not causes damage or harm. Any products obtained from a beautician, online, your best mate’s shop, etc, does not fall under this guarantee meaning that you will have no idea what you are buying.


Ingredients for whitening your teeth

Teeth whitening components

Professional whitening products contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the main active ingredient. In addition, they often also include desensitisers. If you find yourself tempted by a product that contains ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, our advice is to walk away. The only ingredients that are scientifically proven to work are the ones found in professional whitening products from your dentist, anything else is a waste of your time and money (*cough, cough, Hi Smile*).


In a nutshell, this means that if you want a pearly white smile and teeth whitening treatment that you can trust, you should only visit your dental practice! Find you nearest practice at https://www.defactodentists.com

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