Why you should attend regular dental check-ups

a defacto dentists guest blog

from Hayley Irons

Dental check-ups. They’re not the most exciting plans in your diary and you can probably think of about 10 different things you’d rather be doing instead!

However, they are one of the most important errands you need to run, and it’s worth remembering why…


Attending regular dental check-ups can save you money

How so? Those appointments aren’t free! Very true but seeing your dentist as often as they recommend – usually every six months – means they will be able to spot early signs of any potential problems before they become serious.

Bigger issues can require more extensive treatment and therefore cost much more than catching something early and preventing things escalating. It’s a case of speculate to accumulate.


More than teeth and gums

During your dental check-up your dentist will, of course, take a thorough look at your teeth and gums to assess the overall health of your mouth. Have you ever wondered why they feel inside your cheeks, around your neck, and ask you to lift up your tongue, etc? Many patients don’t even notice this aspect of a dental check-up, but this is one of the most important elements because this is when your dentist is checking for signs of oral cancer.

check up

This is nothing to worry about, it’s a routine part of the appointment and is carried out for every patient. If caught early, mouth cancer is very treatable, which is why dentists will check for signs and symptoms during every check-up. Attending could save your life.


Discuss your concerns

Your dental check-up is the perfect time to speak to your dentist about anything you currently dislike about your smile. You might desire straighter or whiter teeth, or you may have heard about a product or treatment that you’d like to know more about. With lots of new techniques and technology constantly becoming available, it’s always worthwhile having a chat about your options. There’s never any obligation to go ahead with treatment, you will be encouraged to go away and think about things instead of making a decision on the spot.

dentist and patient in conversation

So next time you see that dental check-up in your diary, think of all the great reasons to go instead of grumbling about it!