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  • Tim Lau

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    Having been through a year long process of dental implant with Sandeep. I have been always been assured from the moment I met him that he knew what he was doing. Which helps in turn keep yourself calm and confident as a patient. He never hid anything he was doing and always kept me in knowledge of every step and especially if the plan changes slightly due to my conditions changing, and the best thing is he never once lied about the how each treatment might hurt or feel, which helped me in preparing for whether it's pulling my tooth out or just numbing my mouth which he always says it's going to pinch, and always apologetic! I cannot compare Sandeep to other dentists with implants, but I would not hesitate to go back for more work if ever needed! And the girls at reception are very welcoming and lovely too! Always making sure the appointments suit you and very responsive when I email them. And Lucy is the best hygienist I have had! Will always recommend to friends or family!


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