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Join the Defacto Dental Health Club today and stop worrying about the availability of dental appointments and the cost of treatment!

What is the Defacto Dental Health Club?

The Defacto Dental Health Club has been established to help make dentistry much more affordable. Its primary focus is on your oral health and well being.

In the face of a UK wide dental crisis, it is not easy finding a dental appointment or to have affordable treatment within your timescales. This is where Club membership really comes into play.

As a Club member, you only have to pay for your membership and your regular check-ups to maintain your teeth. Your Membership will pay for any treatment that you may need.

Follow the simple steps laid out below and you could be smiling again in no time!

Why should you join?

Joining the club provides you with access to 100% cost-free dental treatment to the value of £3,000 for the repair, restoration, or replacement of any of your protected teeth.

You get the real peace of mind that comes from knowing that if you do experience any problems with your teeth, you won’t need to worry about the cost of your treatment. As Club members, you and your family will receive all of the following treatments free of charge:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Onlays
  • Inlays
  • Prosthetics
  • Implants

As a member, you will only need to pay for your monthly membership and any check-ups required to maintain your teeth. Becoming a club member could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds on the cost of any dental treatment - and give you real peace of mind.

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defacto dental health club

Additional Benefits

As a Defacto Dental Health Club member, the focus is on your oral health and wellbeing. It includes a full assessment of your oral health and highlights areas which may be of concern in the future. You can escape the waiting lists in NHS clinics and go to a private dental clinic. The cost of any unforeseen treatment that is needed is covered up to the value of £3,000. As an added incentive, we include £700 insurance against accidental damage to your teeth. This means that you are fully protected from accidents AND unexpected treatments.

Private dental healthcare of the highest standard

Unforeseen treatment covered up to £3,000

£700 insurance against accidental damage

Substantial discounts on oral healthcare products

Monthly email with tips from dental healthcare professionals

How much does it cost?

A lot less than you might expect!

You can sign up as an individual member for just £25 per month, and you can add a partner or spouse in your Family Circle for an additional £10.50 per month (sharing your membership will reduce your monthly membership to £17.75 each).

If you sign up and pay for your 12-month membership in advance, you will save £100 per Member per year. (£200 instead of £300!)


Frequently Asked Questions

When does my Membership start?

Your membership will start immediately from the date of activation. The activation process involves having a dental examination after which the dentist will complete your activation form. You have 12 months from the date of enrolment in which to activate your membership and your membership will be valid for a further 12 months from the date of activation.

What do we mean by sound natural teeth?

This definition applies to your natural teeth that are in a cavity-free and structurally sound state. That includes teeth that have been repaired or restored in the past.

Are checkups and hygiene visits included? 

No. This is because you will be advised on how often you should attend by your dentist. Most people will only need 6 or 12 monthly check-ups, a scale, and a polish at the end of each year. It is only high-risk patients that need to attend more frequently.

What about existing problems?

In order to be fair to all the Club Members the club does not cover existing dental problems. However, once treated, previous dental problems can be fully protected under your Membership.

What happens when I have problems with my teeth?

Book an appointment with your activating dentist who will carry out an examination, take some X-rays and provide you with a treatment plan for you to follow. Always remind your dentist that you a Defacto Dental Health Club Member so that they know what do.

What dental expenses do I need to pay for?

Aside from your annual or monthly Membership costs, you will have to adhere to your dentist's recommended check-up and hygiene visits, plus any treatment of existing problems.

Can I go to any clinic?

Yes. Your Defacto Dental Health Club Membership will cover all payments to your dentist without you having to outlay any money for restorative treatments.

The Defacto Dental Health Club Membership is a product provided by the Sound Teeth Guarantee Co Ltd registered in England (13166063) who provide the financial documentation and support required.

How do I sign up?

Hit the Join Now button

Complete the application form

Add a partner or spouse (if required)

Choose your preferred payment option


You will have an assessment during your next visit to your dentist. They will scan your teeth as normal. You will be given a full report, generated by the most advanced AI technology, ratified by your dentist. Your dentist will then provide you with a guarantee and you are covered for the next 12 months. Cover starts from day waiting period!

It’s as simple as that.

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Hopefully this answers many of your questions. We also hope that you see the incredible value in the Defacto Dental Health Club. Click below if you have any further questions and we will try to help as quickly as we can. You can also use the chat button on this site.