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Membership to Defacto Dentists, Your Dentist Recommends, and Blue Glove Jobs.

  • Priority listing means more patients
  • Self manage review system + social media sharing
  • Appointment enquiries and link to your video consultations
  • On-page SEO and social media boosting
  • Page management from our support team
  • Performance reports online
  • Double affiliate commission on every sale
  • Priority delivery to your patients
  • Our e-commerce platform on your website
  • First exposure to special offers on social media
  • Priority listing for your vacancies
  • Social media sharing of your job opportunities

What we offer

We support the dental profession with 3 very useful internet tools.

YourDendistRecommends is the e-commerce platform where your clinic can sell sundries without having to hold them in stock. It can also be your shop on your own website, on your social media and on your listing on DefactoDentists, the UK's most used "Find a Dentist" website. You can also make full use of our recruitment platform, BlueGloveJobs, and hook up with hundreds of candidates seeking employment.

Benefits of the Premium Club

Thousands of clinics use our platforms free of any charge. However, many choose to Feature their clinics and automatically enjoy a range of additional benefits. On DefactoDentists, your listing will be highlighted in geographic searches and treatment type searches. This means you will attract 8 times as many patients to your page, so keeping it current and looking good is vital. As a Featured member, you will also enjoy social media sharing across multiple channels. You will benefit from a higher commission rate on YourDentistRecommends and your vacancies promoted on social media from BlueGloveJobs. In all, we provide a tremendous business boost for only £50 per month. Contracts are on a month-by-month basis and can be halted anytime.


Free to use

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  • Receive 10% commission on all your sales from
  • If your patient buys again directly, you still earn commission
  • 30,000+ visitors every month
  • No limit on volume of guest baskets sent to your patients
  • Klarna payment options for your patients on
  • Shop Now link to on your DefactoDentists page
  • Shop Now link to from your own website
  • Covid announcements on your DefactoDentists page
  • Appointment booking from your DefactoDentists page
  • Google Maps positioning on your DefactoDentists page

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