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  • Gary Hampton

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    I went into a panic some 6 months ago when a front tooth, which had been crowned when I was 18, broke away at the gum. Let me state that I have never liked going to the dentist ! I was given Brian's details by someone who'd had an implant done by him and gave a glowing review. The next day I saw him and we decided on the implant option. I didn't want a few days of anxiety over the extract and Brian had the time to take it out there and then. Brian's expert skill and personal manner put me completely at ease. The tooth was removed with no pain whatsoever - something I simply would not have believed was possible beforehand. He carried out the operation to put in the titanium screw about 3 weeks later. I'd heard some nasty stories from other people about their experiences at other dental practices, so I was pretty anxious about the op the day before, but through the whole operation I can truly say there was, again, no pain and I actually felt quite comfortable once the op was underway. He did tell me there'd be some pain for a day or two - here again all I experienced that evening was some discomfort, about the pain threshold of headache, but normal painkillers let me have a comfortable night. Some minor discomfort next day had gone by the evening. I had the permanent denture fixed onto the screw some 5 months later in which by now I took in my stride. Brian is now my dentist of choice, and I've sent my daughter to him as well as a friend. Apart from being a superb dentist, Brian's great skill is to put you at your ease, which for a patient is half the battle !

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