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Welcome to killingworth dental surgery. From teething toddlers to denture wearers, our practice caters for all. Along with the full range of NHS dental services, you'll find a great selection of cosmetic treatments, including tooth whitening and dentures.


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  • Malcolm Sabourne

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    I had an upper pallet made early April 2019 ( as my dog ate my other one ) since then there has been several made, i have also been back several times to have them ground, non of these pallets have fitted comfortably, now over six months later i still have a pallet that causes discomfort, i am not able to eat anything hard because of them being so loose they move and dig in to my gums. After their last ditched atempt i was refurred to the dental clinc, at the dental clinic i was told i need two teeth extracted ( why my dentis did not see this on the several visits over the last six months i dont know ) they would then make me a pallet, i put a complaint in to my dentist who responded stating that they are not willing to give me my £220 back as the dental hospital was going to make the pallet which costs me nothing, except the last time i was there i had to take half a day off work, pay for three hours parking and fuel to get there. After having these teeth extraced i will need several visits to the dental hospital again costing parking, time of work and fuel ( but these must be free ) this is not the end of it i paid them for a service that they have not provided all they have given me for my money is PAIN,DISCOMFORT, ADDED EXPENSE. AND LOSS OF EARNINGS. I WISH PEOPLE WOLD PAY ME FOR A RUBBISH JOB. ANYBODY LOOKING FOR A DENTIST I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND MY DENTIST IN KILLINGWORTH

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