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Welcome to mydentist, maryhill road, glasgow. From teething toddlers to denture wearers, our practice caters for all. Along with the full range of NHS dental services, you'll find a great selection of cosmetic treatments, including tooth whitening and dentures.


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  • Craig Murphy

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    Undoubtedly the worst dentist I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. 18 months ago, I had a loose tooth at the bottom. I was appointed to see Dr. Sean Kelly (no longer with the surgery) who took an impression of my mouth and then said he would see me again in two weeks when he returned from holiday. When I went back two weeks later for my appointment, Dr. Kelly numbed my mouth and did the extraction, I did wonder at the time why he was having so much trouble extracting considering it was so loose, but my mouth was so numb I couldn't feel anything so never thought anything of it. After the extraction, I was given my new dental plate and sent home. I should add the whole process took under 10 minutes. When I got home it was an hour or two before my mouth numbing had went down enough for me to remove the plate to see my new missing tooth (or not see), I was utterly devastated to discover that Dr. Sean Kelly had removed my good tooth and left the bad tooth hanging in my mouth. I returned a few days later and Dr. Kelly removed the correct tooth and had me a new plate made. I made a complaint through a medical negligence lawyer about the treatment I received and MyDentist, Dr. Sean Kelly and their insurance company have told blatant lies to avoid paying compensation or any sanctions on his license to practice. Dr. Sean Kelly left the surgery to go work elsewhere after this incident and I can only hope he isn't doing the same damage to children's mouths that he did to mine. MyDentist's slogan is 'Your Child's Smile is Safe With Us' and I find that utterly incredulous. I wouldn't take my children anywhere near these lying charlatans who are happy to destroy a person's confidence, lie about them, cheat them and effectively ruin the last 18 months of their life - who knows how long it will affect my confidence. As a fairly young man (44), it's really quite embarrassing and to think that this 'Doctor' is still allowed to practice is sickening. It's also sickening that the practice will collude and lie to protect their reputation so beware folks, if they ruin your mouth or your children's mouths, you won't get very far with complaining. This is without doubt the single worst encounter I have ever with with any sort of any medical practice I've been ANYWHERE in the world. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


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