Everyone is talking about Sound Teeth Guarantee.

Find out why

The Sound Teeth Guarantee is the most exciting and innovative financial solution to appear in the dental profession for years. Patients who are genuinely interested in their oral health should seriously consider talking to their dentist about the huge benefits this provides.


Another Dental Plan?

Absolutely not. This is something very different. Indeed, many clinics add the Sound Teeth Guarantee on to your existing dental plan in order to extend the benefits.

Are my teeth actually guaranteed?

Not only are your teeth guaranteed, payment of your treatment (should it be required) is guaranteed as well. Let’s say, as an example, you needed a crown or a dental implant in the next 12 months. Your dental plan will probably provide a discount of 10% against this treatment. Because your teeth are guaranteed with Sound Teeth Guarantee, the cost of this treatment is covered up to the value of £3,000. No more surprises!

What do I have to do to sign up?

You will have an assessment during your next visit to your dentist. They will scan your teeth, recording any potential problem areas you may have. You will be given a full report, generated by the most advanced AI technology, ratified by your dentist. Your dentist will then provide you with a guarantee and you are covered for the next 12 months. It’s as simple as that.

3d scanning

This must cost a lot, right?

Nope. You would be right in thinking that this is a very expensive proposition, but it isn’t. In fact, the cost equates to around 60p per day (£219.95 per year).

What do I get for my money?

The focus is on your oral health and wellbeing. Included in your annual fee is a 6 monthly visit to your hygienist, which you must attend. It also includes a full assessment of your oral health and highlights areas which may be of concern in the future. You can escape the waiting lists in NHS clinics and go to a private dental clinic. The cost of any unforeseen treatment that is needed is covered up to the value of £3,000. As an added incentive, and to start you off on your oral healthcare journey, you will also receive a £50 voucher to shop at YourDentistRecommends.com…a new electric toothbrush or a new water flosser perhaps?

6 monthly visit to your hygienist

Escape NHS waiting lists

Unforeseen treatment covered up to £3,000

£50 voucher at YourDentistRecommends.com

Your Dentist Recommends-350

Can I go to any clinic?

You can contact your own dentist and ask if they can provide the Sound Tooth Guarantee. If not, there are many clinics on this website who provide this service.

Hopefully this answers many of your questions. We also hope that you see the incredible value in the Sound Teeth Guarantee. Ask your dentist about this at your next visit.