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sound teeth guarantee

Sound Teeth Guarantee for Dentists

The Sound Teeth Guarantee is a most exciting and innovative form of dental protection available to your patients. It is a dentist-issued guarantee that provides complete peace of mind protection against naturally occurring dental problems.

The Guarantee

It enables dentists to provide guarantee-holding patients with 100% cost free restorative dentistry up to the value of £3,000 for the repair, restoration, or the replacement of any natural teeth in response to naturally occurring dental problems.

The guarantee covers all natural teeth that are certified as being in a structurally sound and cavity free condition. It also covers teeth that have been repaired or restored to a certifiable condition.

Issuing the guarantee couldn’t be easier— guarantee assessments can be carried out while patients undergo routine, recall or diagnostic check-ups, after the completion of the restorative dental procedures or even after hygiene visits.

How Do I Issue A Guarantee

The process of issuing Sound Teeth Guaranties to patients will produce a new source of supplemental income that is earned on top of the standard fees charged for the underlying service:

Routine check-up £45 + £50 Guarantee £95 111% Increase in revenue
Composite filling £120 + £50 Guarantee £170 42% Increase in revenue
Hygiene visit £70 + £50 Guarantee £120 71% Increase in revenue
Root canal £500 + £50 Guarantee £550 10% Can be included in the guarantee

The other major benefit of issuing the guarantee to patients is that they never go to other clinics for treatment when they can get guaranteed access to cost-free restorative dentistry through their guarantee-issuing dental clinic group.

Dentists are also paid in full for all dental repair and restoration work carried for free under the terms of the guarantee.

Advantages for the clinic

Issuing guaranties to patients is also a major benefit for dental clinics—not only does it establish a new source of supplemental income that increases the profitability and value of the clinics, but it also guarantees patient loyalty and provides a powerful drawcard that will attract new patients and grow their market share.

Advantages for the patients

Where else will patients get guaranteed access to 100% cost free restorative dentistry?

Private patients

The guarantee solves the affordability problem of private dentistry. Patients who take out a guarantee enjoy the benefit of guaranteed access to cost-free restorative dentistry and receive the most clinically appropriate dental care without consideration for the cost. By taking out a guarantee, they are also able to effectively fix the cost of their private dentistry to the cost of the guarantee for 12 months at a time.

The cost of a guarantee makes private dentistry a more affordable to the vast majority of patients.

NHS patients

The guarantee solves the problem of getting access to care for NHS patients. It provides them with guaranteed appointments and cost-free restorative dentists. If they are unable to get an NHS appointment, they can go private for free under the terms of the guarantee.

Guarantee limit and pricing

£3,000 £219 £18

It is important to note that the guarantee is a professional guarantee, which means that it is based on the expressed opinion and recommendation of the assessing or issuing dentist after having completed a clinical examination. Assessing dentists recommend the most clinically appropriate guarantee they believe will best meet the needs of the patients.

Evidence based dentistry

The guarantee assessment process involves a clinical examination, the taking of evidential x-rays, and the scanning of the x-rays with a state-of-the-art AI-powered x-ray scanning system. The AI system produces detailed clinical reports that support the clinical decision-making of the assessing dentists with respect to the certification of patients’ teeth and the issuance of guaranties.

The Sound Teeth Guarantee Company (STG) provides subsidised or free use of the most capable AI-powered dental x-ray scanning system available. STG will provide a 50% cost subsidy for an average rate of issuance of one guarantee per day and a 100% subsidy for an average rate of issuance of two guaranties per day.

"The Sound Teeth Guarantee and AI system is a real game changer for dentists."
Professor Paul Tipton