Would You Travel 70 Miles To See a Dentist? You Might Not Have A Choice.

Recent reports have shown that patients are having to travel over 70 miles to see a dentist.

It’s no secret that people are struggling to find a dentist these days, particularly NHS dentists. Cuts to NHS dentistry are making it impossible for the people of Britain to be seen by dentists. More and more dental practices are deciding to go private. However, this is leaving thousands of people in the UK without access to dentists in their town. As a result, patients are having to travel as many as three or four towns away just for a check-up.

Going to the dentist can be a pretty pricey occasion, but the costs will only mount up if patients are having to travel ridiculous distances to their nearest dental practice which may be 70 miles away!

70 miles to see a dentist, NHS cuts to dentistry, NHS dentistry, dental health

Why is this happening?

The BDA has previously reported that 58 per cent of NHS dentists say they are planning to leave in the next 5 years. This means that even more of us are going to be left without NHS practices in our local area.

70 miles to see a dentist, NHS cuts to dentistry, NHS dentistry, dental health

Relying on charities for treatment

Just a few weeks ago it was discovered that children in the UK have had to turn to dental charities that normally work in third world, developing countries to receive check-ups and treatment. Dentaid charity dentists offer free treatment or subsidised treatment to those who have no access to a dentist near them. Children are entitled to free NHS dental care up until the age of 18, but so many children across the UK are being denied this. Sadly, tooth decay is the number one reason for hospital admissions for children. Without access to dentists, it looks like tooth decay will be landing children in hospital for years to come. It really is a vicious cycle.

It’s been described as a ‘national health disaster’ and we have to agree.

Private dentistry isn’t affordable for everyone and NHS dentistry means that ALL Brits have access to dental care. However, constant budget cuts are making this impossible.

If you need emergency dental care but do not have access to a dentist in your area, you can call NHS247 on 111. Here they will provide information on how best to look after your teeth and organise emergency treatment for you if necessary.

70 miles to see a dentist, NHS cuts to dentistry, NHS dentistry, dental health

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