Are Sports Lovers Really More Prone To Gum Disease?

Do you participate in sports frequently?

Maybe you’re an avid gym go-er. Or maybe you love to go outdoors for a run or a jog. Maybe you prefer a contact sport, such as rugby or martial arts? Well, regardless of what sports you enjoy, the more sports you do, the more prone you are to gum disease.

How is this possible?

We agree it sounds strange, it’s true. Those who are sports lovers are more likely to suffer from gum disease. The reason is simple. Those who participate in frequent sporting activities, are more likely to be dehydrated.

sports, triathlon, gum disease

But what does this mean for our teeth and gums?

Dehydration is bad news for our overall health, but specifically for our teeth and gums.

Dehydration can cause bad breath, which of course isn’t pleasant for you, or those around you. While it’s not necessarily damaging to your teeth and gums, it isn’t nice to be around!  Much worse than bad breath, dehydration can lead to caries, which will lead to fillings and or root canal treatments, depending on the severity.

Who is most at risk?

Endurance athletes are most at risk. Those who participate in long-distance running, or multi-event sports such as triathlons, are more likely to encounter problems. As such, endurance athletes require in-depth oral care routines. They should specifically look for fluoride toothpastes. The fluoride in toothpaste increases the resistance of tooth hard tissue against caries and erosion.

Sports drinks are also a problem. Many of them are riddled with sugar. Constant consumption of these drinks is not good for our teeth. These drinks can erode the enamel, particularly when the enamel may be compromised (because of constant dry mouth from being active!).

sports, triathlon, gum disease

An excuse to be lazy?

Just because you’re more likely to get gum disease from high levels of sport activity, doesn’t mean staying active isn’t important. Staying active is vital for our overall health. It helps us stay strong and healthy, it can help us sleep and helps us to use all of the muscles in our body. With a good oral health routine, there is nothing to worry about. If you’re looking for an excuse to avoid exercise, this isn’t a good one!

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